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There is an increasing number of female drivers on the road today. With the trend, many car manufacturers are launching slim-fitting designs for the ladies, in particular hatchbacks. Not only do they look sporty and elegant, they are smaller in frames, which make them easier to control.

For the reference, hatchback is generally a passenger car with ample of boot space, and one which has the boots door opening in an upward direction. Examples of hatchback cars: Honda Jazz, Honda Fit, Volkswagen Golf, Mini-Coopers, BMW series 1 etc…

  • Small size

Usually comes with a shorter bonnet so that drivers can have a better gauge when making turns and doing reverse turns. They are easier to gauge from side to side, and avoid running run-ins in car-parks and restricted spaces.

  • Space, space, space

With the big boot space, shopping bags and prams can share the same space in the hatchback cars. Most [...]

In Singapore, a car is considerably the second largest purchase after property, in terms of its value. As much as you like that particular car model, we will like to emphasize on the importance of having a test drive prior purchase. The test drive often gives a good gauge whether the car is suitable for your driving style, allows you to have comfortable control over it etc.

If you are a newbie on the lookout to purchase cars, do use below pointers as general guidelines!

  • Make appointment

Have you picked the car and the dealer who has it? Make an appointment with them to avoid a waste trip! You can also ensure that the car is still available in the showroom, at the same time. Otherwise, it may turn out to be a disappointed trip.

  • Do your Homework

Check on the reviews and specifications on the model that you are [...]

With the announcement from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) on 26 May 2016, we see a consequential increment in the loan-to-value (“LTV”) ratio, as a result of the increased loan tenor period.

Open Market Value of motor vehicle Maximum LTV* Maximum loan tenor <= S$20,000


(previously 60%)

7 years

(previously 5 years)

> S$20,000


(previously 50%)

*LTV is the amount of the loan expressed as a percentage of the purchase price of the motor vehicle. The purchase price includes all relevant taxes and the price of COE.

In Singapore, hire purchase loan is made available in banks and auto dealerships (better known as in-house financing). However, not many people know where the differences lie, and which is the cheaper option? In the below article, we will break it down for you.


Bank Financing

As its name suggests, the bank financing [...]

Singapore is notoriously known for the sky-high price of car ownership.

Let’s face it: the number of ERP gantries never stop increasing, and the gantries never seem to break down as frequent as our trains, and the COE prices that spike high over the recent years… The list goes on. That being said, the prices deter potential owners to a limited extent – we do not see a decrease in the number of cars on the road. Some argue, it is the necessity for their rice bowls, some for the sake of convenience, others for the prestige of having a car title in hand.

However your reason is to jump on the bandwagon of owning a car today, we are here to assist you! Be it a fresh graduate, or a middle-classed family man/woman, we have something for everyone.


Example 1 – Fresh graduate out of tertiary education

YOLO!!!! This is a commonly used [...]

拥车证是新加坡的一大特征, 在国际汽车市场上独一无二。它是政府所推行的政策来减少路上行驶的车辆。

拥车证是新加坡的一大特征, 在国际汽车市场上独一无二。它是政府所推行的政策来减少路上行驶的车辆。


近几年来,拥车证频频上涨,但是选择延续拥车证国人有增无减。在2017年, 延续拥车证的人更是创了新高。是什么让他们做出这选择呢?我们巡视了市场,并得知以下是国人是否会选择延续拥车证的主要考量:


  • 拥车证贷款




  • 保险费



  • 维修费



  • 路税

在延续拥车证前,车主也必须考虑到路税金额将随着车龄增幅- 每年10%, 最高至50%。以下资料供参考:

车龄 路税 10-11 110% 11-12 120% 12-13 130% 13-14 140% 14以上 150%


注: 在选择延续拥车证时,车主也同意放弃收回优惠额外费用的车辆登记税(也称:Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) 和 ‘殺车’价。)



2015 2016 2017* 中小型汽车组(A组) 6,763 17,939 9,098 大型及毫华汽车组(B组) 3,156 11,592 7,045 总数 9,919 29,531 16,143


The Only COE Renewal Guidelines You Will Need - Mandai Motor

With high COE prices, car owners are turning to COE Renewal as a viable option. Through the process of assisting hundreds of used car owners in applying for COE Renewal Car Loan, we realised a good number of car owners are not familiar with the guidelines in renewing COE. This article, thus serve to explain the guidelines in COE Renewal.

Renew COE for an existing vehicle

Bidding of COE for renewal is not required when you renew COE. To renew COE for an existing vehicle, you have the choice of paying for a five or ten years Prevailing Quota Premium (“PQP”). If you are a first-timer, PQP actually refers to the moving average of the COE prices in the past three months.

Guidelines to Renew COE:

Step 1: Check for the expiry date of your existing COE

Please note the authority gives one-month grace period. Otherwise, the vehicles will be de-registered in the system and [...]

Looking for a second hand car? Read this.

Given the ever-increasing upfront price of cars in Singapore, many consumers have turned to second-hand cars for their daily commutes, job requirements, family commitments etc. It is more affordable, and require less upfront commitment. However, to many, buying second-hand items may seem intimidating, let alone a car with high value in Singapore. It is therefore important to practise due diligence before taking this leap.

An official platform for sales and purchase of second-hand car available is SGCarMart, where many owners, potential buyers and dealers are active. The situation is as such: you find one post that features a car that meets your expectation, and budget. So, how do you proceed from here?

Firstly, it may seem like an underrated task but do check the reputation of the company you are dealing with. Most owners will extend the car to more than one dealer islandwide. If you find one that fits your bill, do check their [...]

Why You Need A Car Dealer

It is a known fact that getting a car is expensive in Singapore. On this scarce land, it seems that one of the few deterrence options is to put a rocket-high price tag on cars such that people will think twice of owning one. If the value of asset you are eying is that hefty, you are definitely on a lookout for the best option you can get. However, what happens if you need a car, yet unable to find the time to commit in the search?

Engage a car dealer, for real.

Yes, for sure, we have had heard awful stories from victims, of irresponsible agents and scam cases every other day. Regardless of industry, there is bound to have predators waiting to prey. However, one should not go the extreme ends to boycott these middlemen totally, as they may work a sweet deal for you at the end of the day.

First and forth most, [...]


If you are a customer of ours or happened to know us through a friend, chances are you would have attended one of our CNY buffet dinner. At Mandai Motor, we have a tradition in inviting friends, customers, business associate, and their friends and families to the CNY buffet dinner held every year. Contrary to conventional companies who usually hold their CNY dinner at the restaurants or hotel, we chose to hold it at our showroom where the ambience is much more casual and comfortable. In some years, we did rope in singers and performers to liven up the mood and it almost feel like a big family having a celebration together. And in that context, we want to make everyone (whether you are a friend or an existing customer) to feel like a part of the big community; a member of the Mandai Motor community where we can deliver great customer service to you.

So, [...]


Every year, Mandai Motor Trading organises a mega Chinese New Year (CNY) buffet for fellow clients, business associates, relatives and friends. The event run from mid afternoon to late evening at Mandai Motor premise (West Coast Car Mart). It is on this occasion that individuals come together, catch up with one another and make new friends. Over the years, this event has helped to build up a uniquely Mandai Motor Trading community.

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