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Hatchback Pros and Cons

There is an increasing number of female drivers on the road today. With the trend, many car manufacturers are launching slim-fitting designs for the ladies, in particular hatchbacks. Not only do they look sporty and elegant, they are smaller in frames, which make them easier to control.

For the reference, hatchback is generally a passenger car with ample of boot space, and one which has the boots door opening in an upward direction. Examples of hatchback cars: Honda Jazz, Honda Fit, Volkswagen Golf, Mini-Coopers, BMW series 1 etc…

  • Small size

Usually comes with a shorter bonnet so that drivers can have a better gauge when making turns and doing reverse turns. They are easier to gauge from side to side, and avoid running run-ins in car-parks and restricted spaces.

  • Space, space, space

With the big boot space, shopping bags and prams can share the same space in the hatchback cars. Most of the cars come with foldable rear seats, which can come in handy especially when you are doing shopping for groceries, furniture, clothes etc… All at a go!

  • Fuel Efficiency

Most hatchback cars are fuel efficient, and are able to sustain long distance on a single full pump compared to other saloon cars in the market!


  • Engine power

Compared to sedans, their engine power is much lower. Quick acceleration and going up the slopes may take longer time.

  • Privacy

Beside the windows leading to the door at the driver and passenger seats, there’s window to the boot door. This exposes the contents at in the boot, that make it tempting for passerby to take a second look or to act upon the items. Nonetheless, you can tint the window that may make peeping harder.

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