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Cars in Singapore cost a bomb. Every single breakdown and insurance claim is likely to result in a corresponding hike in the vehicle insurance premium. Regular preventive maintenance and measures are therefore critical to ensure your car last longer and expenses to the minimum. Below detailed five ways you can achieve it.


  1. Washing, Waxing, Vacuum and Detailing Exterior and Interior

Cars get dirty from the daily commuting. Besides dirt, rain spots and dust clinging onto the car’s exterior, acid rain, bugs, bird droppings and airborne industrial pollutants can accelerate the degradation of the car paint. Regular washing and waxing of car exterior is thus needed to help preserves the paint and prevents rush from setting in. Remember to vacuum and detailing the interior of the car as well.

How to do it:

  • Use plastic polish to clean up hazed-out plastic headlights
  • Wet the wheels and tires, spray on the wheel [...]
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