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Used cars are old cars

This is probably the most serious misconception car buyers have. The average age of the car population stand at 5.57 years in 2014 (http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/car-doctors-thrive-car-population-greys-20140304). This is considerably lower as compared to many other countries. In addition, road conditions in Singapore are generally good. As a result, if you walk around in the second hand carmart, you will notice most second hand cars at the carmart look relatively new.

Dealers cannot be trusted

You probably have read about used car dealers modifying the odometer of the cars so as to make it more attractive for potential buyers. Yes, there are cases being reported on it. And some dealers do that. Thus, it makes it all the more important to scout for a reliable car dealer who have been running the business for at least a decade. Do not focus entirely on the selling price of the vehicle for there might be [...]

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