Our Team

Every employee plays a significant role in Mandai Motor Trading and is a big part of the family. Honesty, integrity and an impeccable good attitude in serving are characteristic traits that can be found in every single member of this family. And we are proud of it.


William is the strategist in Mandai Motor Trading. He plays an instrumental role in ensuring the business is always on a financially sound foundation. Together with Mr Ee, William has helped Mandai Motor Trading grow from strength to strength, even during Singapore’s challenging years.

Mr Ee

A warm-hearted and shy person, Mr Ee has a “never say die” attitude. Mr Ee has helped Mandai Motor Trading achieve its present success through his persistences and determination. An ardent believer in trust, Mr Ee never compromised in delivering the best service to customers, even if it is making a loss.


Stasia Kor

Stasia never failed to deliver. Loyal and a conscientious attention to details are two of the many positive traits associated with her. A long serving employee in Mandai Motor Trading, Stasia is a reliable and dependable figure in the family.

Heng Heng

Heng Heng is a respected figure in Mandai Motor Trading. He is one of the top performers in the company and is committed to provide the best services to each and every customers.

Michael Lim

Michael is a master of all trades. A highly reliable person who ensure he delivers what he promised. Contrary to the general personality of a sales personnel, he is non-pushy and a great listener. He is a staunch believer in the need to fully understand what a customer wants.

Hui Ling

Stasia Kor

An excellent conversationalist, she is patient and detailed. She is always willing to listen and understand the requirements of clients. Being a detailed and reliable person, she is able to garner trust and respect from our clients.

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