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Consign Your Car

Bring your 2nd hand car to Mandai Motor Trading and get our valuation on site. Our professional service personnels will conduct an appraisal, ask you for the vehicle history, check the mileage, assess its condition and marketability, and present you with our valuation. If upon acceptance, we will market your used car in our extending marketing platforms that may include sg carmart, our web portal, brokers, and more. Contact us today for your valuation.


A generous list of forms to aid buyers and sellers in the administrative process. Otherwise, you may contact our friendly service personnels for assistance. We are more than happy to serve you. Contact us for assistance today.

Loan Calculators

We have enlisted loan calculators to facilitate you in the process of purchasing your next automobile. Monthly Instalment Calculator compute the monthly instalment you will need to pay for the car loan amount you have taken. Maximum Loan Amount Calculator compute the maximum car loan amount you can take. Car Loan Repayment Calculator calculate the monthly instalment you will have to pay based on the maximum loan allowable for you to take up.

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