Why Mandai Motor Believes In Great Customer Service

If you are a customer of ours or happened to know us through a friend, chances are you would have attended one of our CNY buffet dinner. At Mandai Motor, we have a tradition in inviting friends, customers, business associate, and their friends and families to the CNY buffet dinner held every year. Contrary to conventional companies who usually hold their CNY dinner at the restaurants or hotel, we chose to hold it at our showroom where the ambience is much more casual and comfortable. In some years, we did rope in singers and performers to liven up the mood and it almost feel like a big family having a celebration together. And in that context, we want to make everyone (whether you are a friend or an existing customer) to feel like a part of the big community; a member of the Mandai Motor community where we can deliver great customer service to you.

So, why does great customer service matter so much to us? There are a few reasons:


  1. We want to be your most preferred choice of Second hand car dealer in Singapore.

Whether you are looking for a second hand car or selling one, you would have gone through considerable amount of effort looking for reliable second hand car dealer to deal with. You probably might have put in considerable amount effort and yet encountered subpar service standard that you don’t think you deserve to receive. As car buyers ourselves, we have been through that before and understand the agony of it. Thus, we want to provide great customer service and be your No 1 choice of second hand car dealer.


  1. Bad reputation travel fast.

In the current digital world, bad news travel fast. Everyone is blogging and sharing their experiences nowadays. If a car dealer delivered bad service or treated a customer unfairly, chances are, the incident will be reported in the social media channels within the day of the incident. Second hand car market is a very small market locally in Singapore. Any bad news being shared in social media on any second hand car dealer is definitely going to affect the business of car dealer greatly.


  1. Price is not the whole equation.

The last thing a customer want to experience is bad after sales service. Purchasing an expensive item like a car takes careful considerations and involves risks. Price is not the only determinant factor in the purchase alone (especially for used cars). What matters most are the trustworthy and service standard of the car dealer. Every business needs to maintain a healthy profit in order to sustain and continue the operation. For a business that cut into its profit margin, it will need to earn it back from another area. And often, they will compromise on reliability and service standard. Thus, it is extremely important for car buyers to look beyond the price alone. Mandai Motor does not believe in giving the lowest price and cutting corners to earn back the margin. We are here to stay for long and are committed to maintain the good reputation we have enjoyed for the past two decades.


  1. It does not make business sense not to focus on great customer service.

It cost a lot to acquire a customer than keeping a customer. The amount of money that can be poured into advertisement can be better translated into savings and promotions for our existing customers. Mandai Motor main source of “advertisement” is through word of mouth. For word of mouth advertisement to work, we will need to be able to instill trust in existing customers and be good enough for them to share their experiences (with Mandai Motor) with their friends, families and relatives.


In all businesses, quality products and services are necessary to ensure the sustainability of the business in the highly competitive and efficient market. In the second hand car market, we probably aren’t the best out there but we will continue to work on the areas we fell short in and work towards being your No. 1 preferred choice of second hand car dealer.



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