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Why You Need A Car Dealer

It is a known fact that getting a car is expensive in Singapore. On this scarce land, it seems that one of the few deterrence options is to put a rocket-high price tag on cars such that people will think twice of owning one. If the value of asset you are eying is that hefty, you are definitely on a lookout for the best option you can get. However, what happens if you need a car, yet unable to find the time to commit in the search?

Engage a car dealer, for real.

Yes, for sure, we have had heard awful stories from victims, of irresponsible agents and scam cases every other day. Regardless of industry, there is bound to have predators waiting to prey. However, one should not go the extreme ends to boycott these middlemen totally, as they may work a sweet deal for you at the end of the day.

First and forth most, car dealers are well-equipped with knowledge and expertise in the field. Having accumulated years or even decades of experiences, the dealers are able to analyze the market trends and provide you with sound information which one may not find over the Worldwide Web. If your requirements are unrealistic, a good dealer is not afraid to tell you so. They constantly update themselves with the latest regulations and adapt quickly to the changes. Therefore, few of these dealers can even advise you how to get your dream car in the shortest time possible!

Secondly, a car dealer acts as your database for cars. List your requirements, and have them source for one that fit your bill. Leveraging on the network of car dealers’ association, and the economy of scale of their fleets, he/she is able to provide you with choices from which you can make a sound decision. Sharing of information within their network will enhance the efficiency in meeting their customers’ requirements.

Third, no administrative work for yourself! It can be a hassle to go through the procedures, having so much documentation works to handle from start to end. Think about the registry of owner, insurance, road taxes, bank loan applications and more. Unknown to many of us, car dealer companies do negotiate with banks and insurance companies to get the most competitive rates and coverage for their customers. Unmatched rates and fuss-free administration make the whole car buying experience like a breeze. All one has to do is to place a deposit, and wait for collection of car upon approval from the authorities!

Last but not least, post-sales service is critical for every car buyer. In a highly competitive market like Singapore, car dealers who wish to survive and thrive for the long haul, will have to focus on providing excellent post-sales service. And with Lemon Law enforced in Singapore to protect consumers from unscrupulous business tactics, car dealers are bounded by the commitment to engage in fair trading practices.

So, engage a dealer today and get your car within the next working* day!


*Subject to applications that are accurate and submitted timely. 

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